Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Worry II

''Have you read my diary?
Now you have a reason to worry!'':)
Being an aspirant illustrator,I must confess I´m worried
that sometime in search for originality and expressivity
I can forget that I actually make illustrations for kids.
I have some illustrated books at home which have terrorized
my childhood:).A bit grotesque collages,very metaphoric,
with silouhetes and characters mixing each other.
Now I look at them with admiration!Are really great!
But is also true now I´m an adult.Must be a dilema,isn´t it?
To whom should an illustrator think about first?To his artistic
needs-to kids pleasure-to parents pleasure(in the cases where
is impossible to have all satisfied)? Well,is a prety much retoric
question,because I´m sure it dosen´t exist a general rule
to follow,but I keep wondering

Inca ma intreb la ce principii ar trebui sa faca apel
o buna ilustrare a cartilor pentru copii.Pastrez inca
ceva carti ilustrate care mi-au terorizat copilaria:)
Acum,privindu-le imi par incredibil de originale si
de bine lucrate. Dar acum sunt adult:)).Dilema,nu?


Heather said...

The second one is definitely more sinister. I think the pastel background in the first one dilutes (but doesn't take away) the emotion.
You ask a poignant question about audience. I too have wondered at being a grown-up artist who must first impress other grown-ups (editors, parents) before my art reaches its target audience.

Peter Cicero said...

I don't know if this works but if you consider that one of the most popular childrens authors (certainly in the uk) was Rohal Dahl who's work was often quite dark and sisnister considering the target audience. Then surely there is an argument for illustration to be just as sinister. I'd go with it and have it in your portfolio as a separate section.
There is a whole debate to be had here and my reply is very fluffy but I hope you get the gist of it.

Rui Sousa said...

Raluca the fish work is made by hand, using acrylic paint, a usually black and with pens, and for the colours are made with usually markers. The paper is recycler paper. Thank´s for the comment!

Your work is really great to, excellent.

Raluca C said...

Thanks for comments!I just wrote one and the sistem reject it!!Heather:100% agree,this must be the right strategy,otherwise I can´t see how one can make it to publisher and market:))
Peter,you made me curious enough to search for Rohal Dahl,thanks for info and for impresion!Also lot of THANKS for thouse of you who voted on the **kids illo issue**I made(a bit improvized)for me-hopefully also for others,your options provide valuables informations!
Rui:another proove that an artist can make a masterpiece using so simple tools and medium!I must take a look again to your fish-now,by the way,I know the name of this living fossil:''coelacanth''.This was my first though when I saw your draw:a white and black fossil revealing his secret colors:)),thanks for revealing this tehnical info!

Mam'zelle Roüge said...

Great work !

platitudinal said...

You raised a great question. I may be the minority here, but I would go with the target audience. How young are the children, etc. I used to teach pre-kindergarten children, and they did get really scared with some graphic pictures. I like the first picture. The background blended so harmoniously with the mood of the character. :)

Dianne said...

Wow I love your illustrations they are brilliant..I also think your photos a well done...
Found you from my little sis Luci...

Keszeg Agi said...

Buna, Raluca,
e foarte frumos blogul tau, ultima data cand m-am uitat inca nu era postat nimic.
Felicitari pentru munca ta!
Multumesc pentru acele multe comentarii.
Am sa revin aici.
Toate cele bune

Rrramone said...

You know what this is?? Polka dotted swirly goodness! :-) I'm YOUR fan.

Raluca C said...

thanks:))Multumesc mult:eu sunt in admiratia ta,lucrarile tale sunt atat de deosebite!

Wiele said...

i love thgis picture, yes it might be a bit scarry for kids.
hmm, i would say make what you want to make and make it for yourself. as soon as you really want to make it for kids, i would say spend some time with them and ask them what they like.