Monday, January 5, 2009


Can one ''resolve'' the perpetual fight with own inner demons?

New Year in Denmark

This was the (final version )New Year´s postcard I´ve made for the language school I attend.Below you can see also the start point drawing.
It pass through many transformations in order to give the right feel and message(thanks once again to my friend and classmate,Monalisa,for her precious help!).I don´t exagerate if I say it was a really great and fun experience and a chance to learn,big time!
Like,just for example,the fact that an official greeting card, involve more formalities and nuances than I thought about before. But I agree with what Margot Hansen,institution´s headmaster annotate and this is the reason why,the girl from the original draw get a more neutral-androgine character as well as the original message:'' Merry Christmas'',wrote in many different languages inside the danish flag-like wrapped-heart,became ''Happy New Year''. We are there,a mega- mixture of nations,races,social-statute and religions(this international atmosphere is something I´ll really miss later).The New Year rather than Christmas is something more meaningful,neutral or better said''available'' for everybody regardless religion or culture.So this was:))
Jeg har lavet dette postkort for Sprogcenteret i Slagelse. Det var ikke nemt men det var sjovt og (all in all) en god oplevelse,hvori jeg har puttet megen følelse.Kortet er trykt i 60 eksemplar og sendt til forskelige samarbejdene institutioner som NytÅrs hilsen.Hvis de har fået ét,håber jeg de kunne lide kortet:))

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!!

The very First Day of the year,come with 2 more ''clandestine presents''
hidden under the courtain!
Godt Nytår!
(Heavily influenced by Agi Keszeg´s sharp pencil)