Saturday, October 23, 2010

and Z from Zentropa

Many are associating the danish film
studio Zentropa exclusively with the
very sonor name of Lars von Trier.
And who can blame them?
I´m a fan of his work too:))
and btw,only in danish for the moment:
-film editing in work-

Not that many knows that behind the
masterpieces released by the studio
stays a whole army of enormous
dedicated and passionate people and
nevertheless the iron hand in a velvet
glove of Zentropa´s Tzar and most warm
and friendly host ever: Peter Aalbæk .
These are the less known or totally
anonymous heroes; a little line on the
movie´s credits running at the end
across the screen with big speed.
Big enough to return unnoticed back
into the anonimous space it just came from.
Well: Hats off to all these people!

racing for IF

a veeery heavy-loadet truck

little danish angels

my beautiful nieces
tre søstre - tre engle ; mine niecer