Sunday, May 23, 2010


For pokker, f***, h*** og Søren da ! Mange pindsvin bliver
nemlig dræbt i trafikken (50.000-80.000, hvert år kun
i DK !).Hvis en pindsvinemor dør,så er hendes unger også
Jeg er bange for,at snart vil stakkels pindsvinet blive udslettet..
One more dead hedgehog if I see,I´ll also die of sorrow!
With 50-80.000 killed in traffic every year just in DK
I´m surprised this species(btw:what is in english
the singular of ''species'?no one seem to know exactly)
is not yet exterminated.
Inca un arici mort sa mai vad si mor si eu de inima rea!
Cum vine primavara si ies din hibernare, cum incepe carnagiul!
La cat de multi zac de-a lungul soselelor ma mir ca specia nu a
fost inca exterminata...dar,ne vom ocupa noi si de asta,nu?
Ca doar ne sta in obicei sa ducem treaba la bun sfarsit...

early for IF

well,someone is actually getting up earlier than me...''getting up''
is a way of saying´cause in this period of nights-without night is
difficult to sleep,to begin with(and I´m not living that far in the
north to get real ''white nights'';here they are rather...grey:))) .
Even if we have this special curtains,so is dark inside the house,
my internal clock refuse to get fooled by a minor detail like this,
and continue to adjust itself after what´s happening behind the
curtains,outside.So,I´m going around like a zombie,worse than
Al Pacino in Insomnia, avoiding to watch the watch-my body
knows anyway that is almost morning...that´s why I don´t see
why I´m sooo damn surprised when I start to hear the
blackbirds & their sisters singing:
What so late? so early

... at least if I could find a productive way of using my
insomnia,reading books,finishing the drawings and
other dead-lines,doing SOMETHING.But I´m sooo
tired and my brain refuse to cooperate:))) maybe
it´s time to start getting pills

Sunday, May 9, 2010


2 years and some days...
since i started (and periodically abandonated) this blog.
I was not such a good ''mother'':)): I didn´t manage to
make a 2years birthday post(shame!!)
Happy Mother´s day for all mothers,everywhere !!
Aliniere în centruDer er allerede 2 år (og nogle dage) siden jeg har started
og ( periodisk forladt ) denne blog