Sunday, December 4, 2011


 print brigade -for IF

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

                                                          my mom. she was an angel

Monday, October 10, 2011

Bugs and bugs and more bugs

         I know is a very long time since my last post ,sorry for that .
Here is another project I made last spring, for Lysholm-skole , the special school where I´m working . I was ready to paint teddies(like last time:)), cats and bunnies and puppies and so on .But no nooo... the kids wanted ( and ordered :))) JUST insects! Period.
  Their wish was my command - worked till I drop and untill was no place left on the walls to draw a line:))) !! So, here is the result :
        This sweet little princess is one of our  little students, Celina, who´s posing here like a real model to my talented colleague, Johnny Grunner

Aren´t they just adorable? I love this picture!

And here comes the bugs collection spring-summer 2011:

sorry for the quality of these pics; my camera is not performant
and the light inside the room was really everything but good.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Walther´s wild whales

A wild whales safari -where else if not in .....Amsterdam :)))
To my duch friends Arjen,Adrie&Marie,William and not least René: take care:)!!
 Amsterdam´s waters abounds with nasty whales, aka  ''Amsterdam´s vandals''!
So they are , according to Jan Hilmar, in one of the absolutely best songs for
 kids ''Whalter´s wild whales'' ! For the beginners in danish language and not just
 for them : turn  up the volume for danish at its very best and let´s see just how
quickly you can say:
''Vilde hvaler volder Walther voldsomme kvaler''
Jan Hilmar - ''Walthers vilde hvaler''

   Jan Hilmars  ''Walthers vilde hvaler'' fra Cd-en ''Fra Hulter til Bulter''
er en af de bedste børnesange jeg har hørt i den sidste periode!
 Sangen er her, med Jans tilladelse,så skru op for lyden og nyd den
sammen med dine børn!Denne sjove ordspil kunne godt erstatte den
 klassiske dansk tongue twister: ''Rødgrød med fløde''! Så, let´s see,
hvor hurtigt kan du sige:
''Vilde hvalder volder Walther voldsomme kvaler'':)))))??!?

Dragi prieteni,draga lume,ocoliti canalele Amsterdamului zilele astea ,
ca-s pline de balene obraznice care zbiara, rastoarna trecatorii, plesnesc
 apa cu cozile lor groase si  alte vandalisme d´astea!!!! Cel putin asta
ne spune Jan Hilmar intr-unul dintre cele mai haioase cantece daneze
 pentru copii  ''Balenele salbatice ale lui Walther''. Jan mi-a permis sa
postez cantecul aici pe blog asa ca luati copiii  langa voi, reglati volumul
si bucurati-va de aceasta ...aproape ca as numi-o  ''ciuleandra'' daneza :))!

Saturday, April 30, 2011


A ''lesson'' for IF which is in the same time one of the illos left behind
when Karina´s book got published last month. For yes, finally!!
After all possible and impossible kinds of adventures she had,
involving publishers and publishers and even more publishers,
''Stories for smart kids'' ( about which I was talking last year in June,

and the second book the ''artist'' here named had the pleasure

to illustrate:)) is out on the market .I mean... romanian market:))

(The Blog is driving me crazy!! Seems more n more difficult to manage

the pagination--the lines are flying in all directions...huh!)

Yet I didn´t got the chance to see how the final version looks like.
There have been done so many changes so I´m looking forward
to get my hands on it !

Dragi prieteni ,draga lume, dupa aventuri si aventuri,
cu o intarziere de aproape un an, fabulele Karinei au
vazut in sfarsit lumina tiparului (ce-mi place expresia
asta!), nu la Lumen, asta a propos de lumina,ci la o alta
editura. Cartea a trecut printr-o multime de transformari
o parte din ilustratii s-au pierdut pe drum (asta in ciuda
efortului Karinei de a pastra cat mai multe) asa ca abia
astept sa vad produsul final.

Kære venner og familie og alle:) Karina´s bog med fabler
''Historier for kloge børn'' , illustreret af jeres
''yndlingskunstner'', he he,er efter en lang laaaaang
forsinkelse endelig kommet gaden . Jeg mener
dog... på de rumænske gader:))

Sunday, April 24, 2011

God Påske!

Hristos a Inviat!!

Paste fericit si multa lumina in suflet voua ,tuturor!

Happy Easter!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Toy for IF

The first part of a little project I made

for the special school I´m working in.

(more to come)

Den første del af et lille projekt jeg lavede for

Lysholm skole-Roskilde(der kommer mere senere:)),

en sted med meeeeget glade og søde børn,

med glade lærere og pædagoger,

alle med hjertet på rette sted

Monday, February 28, 2011

Friskere end frisk

Elsker du frisk fisk ?
Do you love fresh fish?

Sunday, February 27, 2011


A eco - story with two birds .
En øko -eventyr med to fugle .
O eco-poveste cu doua pasari.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

IF - surrender

All sorrows, pain and sadness are surrendering in the front
of a new life. Here is the hope,the joy,here is the''tomorow''.
And here is the invitation I´ve made for my friends´s little Stefan,
whose baptising will take place on February 26.
Being the first post of this year, I wish you all
a Wonderful 2011!