Sunday, May 18, 2008

Aspirant illustrator

Morna´s comment made me think...
Even if (by pure coincidence) I illustrated a book for kids in 2007,
I still can´t call myself an illustrator:I´ll doit for sure when I´ll feel
that I reached a certain level in drawing and a more clear style.
For the moment I´m still ''aspirant'' in status,in search for my own style and
''admirer'' of many incredible artists I just discovered, seeing their work online:)

I must say I´m very grateful for all the encourageing comments I received from all of you,
since I started posting here!
Thanks a lot and have a great week !


-J.Meyer said...

Love the variety of teddy bears!

Its allways good to want to improve! It keeps you interested and checking out new things ;) which is fun anyway~! =)

Personal style in art is wierd, some people know thiers right away and other people discover thiers later. Its one of those things... you just keep working and one day you wake up and discover you have a style... wacky. ;)-

Katherine S said...

Thanks so much for your nice comment on my blog :) I really like that illustration of yours! :)

SENTA said...

I used to worry about my style a lot, because I get bored and try all kinds of I was worried that I didn't have a style. But then I saw a presentation by Milton Glaser, and basically I decided that everything I do can't help but have a bit of "me" in it, so why worry so much? This is a long comment, but here is a little of what Milton Glaser said about style: "STYLE IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED. It’s absurd to be loyal to a style. It does not deserve your loyalty...We have all seen the work of illustrious practitioners that suddenly look old-fashioned or, more precisely, belonging to another moment in time."
So I decided to just do my thing and the style will just sort itself out, hopefully! Your work is beautiful!

sdzsmith said...

Hi -

I really enjoy your style and ideas. Hope you don't mind if I add your site as a link on mine.


Raluca C said...

oooh,thanks so much for all this so nice words...I agree,being faitfull to a certain style,can be a way to limitate yourself a lot,still I need more training and your blogs are a big source of inspiration...Ok,your comments have been really convincive:))I will change my description(soon:)).I´m still not ready to doit now:is a sign of respect for all great illustrators I saw(my favorites list will grow,as soon as I´ll have enough time to put more links),to not call myself an illustrator,yet:)).

Chensio said...

hey, thanks a lot for your comments Raluca! ^^

why aspirant¿? if you're a great illustrator !! or thats what I think

hope to see more artworks soon!



Michael said...

Thanks for visiting and your kind words!

I agree with j.meyer. It's taken me quite some time to create the way I do (with a 5 year absence from drawing), and I believe that you learn each day. Inhale your surroundings, and you'll find inspiration abound!

Brine Blank said...

I added you to my barratuna.blogspot have a great style and I enjoy your sketchy quality, at the same time it is so 'finished'. I am planning on using your blanket illustration as one of the ones in next years class when prepping students for Illustration Friday prep as well as interesting compositions...great.

Rui Sousa said...

Hello, thank´s for your comments, your work is really great to!
It,s a pleasure have my blog adress in your blog, thanks.
Rui Sousa

Raluca C said...

thanks a lot again to all of you;Brian you liknked me to a verry select grup companions...I´ll try to ''deserve''this place..verry honoured!best of wishes to everybody!

Ammon said...

You have a lot of beautiful watercolor. Those deep, rich colors are wonderful . I am also enjoying your characters.