Tuesday, May 6, 2008


my very first try for IF :''Seed''
-this one in medical emergency-
A little seed with a BIG existential problem:))))))):
''to be or not to be'' ...a seed ,to germinate or not;
hard decision... :)
Skal jeg spire?


Rui Sousa said...

Fantastic work!

-J.Meyer said...

AWWW what a headache! Poor thing.
Nice piece!


Matt said...

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!
Te agradezco todos tus elogios y comentarios, me haz hecho muy feliz, eres la unica persona que me firmo tantos dibujos, muchas gracias por poner mi link en tu blog.
A partir de ahora eres mi amiga.
Un abrazo muy fuerte y muchos besos.

Tom Barrett said...

Great concept. Nice job with the watercolor, too!

sheree said...


Raluca C said...

Thanks for your nice comments!You are all great artists and your work is a big inspiration for me!That´s why your advices and constructive critics are welcomed as well:).I have a lot to learn from you as I´m at the very first stepp.Much appreciated!

Issi said...

Beautiful illo, super idea :o)
Best Wishes,

GayleWheatley.com said...

Great illustration! I like the soft quality it has about it. -G

Maricarmen Pizano said...

Very cute!!!!! I love it!

Kevin Levell said...

Very nice watercolours and a great direction to take on the topic.

Raluca C said...

Thanks a lot to all comentators!Is an honor for me to have all this nice words from great artists,like you!I´m very veeeery touched!:)

studio lolo said...

This is a wonderful illustration! So touching :)

Diana Evans said...

love your style...your work is wonderful

mike r baker said...

Welcome to IF! Great piece! :)

Raluca C said...

lot of thanks,again:))

Perplitudine said...

Nice :)
It's interesting that I did, in fact, find your post through the Illustration Friday RSS feed. I, too, keep wanting to partecipate but haven't yet gotten to it. You inspire me to try.
I just love the idea of a hesitant seed - it's something we can all relate to.
Considering the state of the world these days, it's a tough "decision" even getting up in the mornings, much less germinating.
And I like the expression of the poor little seed.
The only thing that kind of escapes me is - how do the medications fit in. Is the seed scared to germinate because it is ill? Does it want to heal the world?:)
But probably it's just me, being confused as usual.
I am, howeverm curious to hear your explanation, if you have time.
Anyway keep creating and
have a nice day!

Raluca C said...

I´m verry touched by your so detailed comment!I´m glad to see this seed sketch can lead to many different ideas-one of my coleagues even want to use it for an eco S.O.S.campain:)),
but at the verry beginning I was just emphatizing with:''what a seed should feel at the beginning of methamorphose''(I´m not sure the words are spelled corectly..sorry,but I hope is understandable:)).Don´t you have some memories from your own childhood when your body start to transform and you didn´t know what´s going on and get scared?I was thinked a seed can ''believe'' something terible is happening when she get broke and start to germinate:)).A''seed'' is just a potential state to something else,no?To became something else you must die as the being you are now..pretty scary if you think about:))!Hope I didn´t disappoint you:)

Raluca C said...

to ''perplitudine'':was imposible to let a comment to your site,I´ve tried twice;just to let you know,I really liked your work:and hei,you should definetly participate to IF!I´m very flatered to read that you get some inspiration being here!Grazie and keep up the good work!!

Perplitudine said...

Hi Raluca!
Your explanation is very profound.
I am glad your illustration communicates to many different people and leading to different ideas! It doesn't surprise me at all.
Thank you for a well thought out and inspiring reply. Now I understand even better, all the different aspects of that image.
It is strange that the commenting on my blog doesn't function. I'll look into it.
Thanks for letting me know. And for the compliments! I'm glad you liked my work.
Best wishes:)

rawtoastdesign said...

Raluca, thanks so much for all the wonderful comments on my work. You've got some great work on your blog as well! Don't worry so much about technique and style, that all eventually just naturally happens. Keep thinking conceptually like you do with many of your images, that is what makes an illustration great. If it doesn't say something to the viewer they will just pass it by. Keep up the great work and best of luck!