Friday, June 20, 2008

on the road /ferie/vacanta

just because IF theme go a bit with this one,I would say that love,friendship,helpfulness are the most precious hoard

En rigtig god ferie til alle
mine dansker venner!!

Sa aveti cu totii o vacanta frumoasa
si relaxanta!Ne vedem in iulie!!

The summer holiday just started,
so I´ll be ''out on the road'' for a while:))
Thanks for all nice messages,inspiration and encouraging words I received from you since I started this blog!
Such a nice experience!
Wish you all a good and relaxing summer holiday!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

High Hopes

IF´´Balloon``(sorry for coming with this old one,I didn´t had time for something new)
just some info i could get and post, like Jennifer suggested,for thouse of you,bighearted people who find and try to save baby birds fallen from the nest-when you can´t find a veterinary or
a specialized help in good time. Better to repeat also the things I found,talking with an old romanian doctor
From his experience:

1.if the nest is found and you put the bird back,supervise it in first24hour to see if the parents are not rejecting the baby
2.if you can´t find a specialized help,never feed the bird before you know which species it is:the diet can be different from one to another( fresh insects all can take):with less food-you have a hungry baby;with too much food-you can have a dead one;
3.the baby -bird should be placed in a warm place,as similar as possible with his nest:in a dark box or half covered one:most of them are photophobic and stressed in an open place,if they never left the nest.If they are big enough an open space is indicated so they can practice the fly.I´ve heared there are some special electric-warm boxes for kitten which can be used as well to keep the bird warm enough.
The food should be hashed in very little pieces or made a paste,the water or this paste can be gived by serynge.There are some birds who can not toleratte the seeds the thrush is well known for it.The same for blackbird,she can take though canary food.Big atention with the earthworm(angleleworm):this one can transfer a lethal parasit,better to get red worm or others worms( head off and paste made) which can be found on fisher shops. Never use ants .
Other things blackbirds,thrush,nightingale(and other from the same family ) can eat:
instant piure for babies(Milupa,for ex),boiled egg especially the yolk,cow cheese(but is a special one in Romania...not sure is the same caw cheese everywhere),little pieces of cow heart,fruits and vegetable a big list(f.ex:apple,chery,banana,
carrot,winegrapes without seeds etc.),cow meat made
almost like a paste. You can aplly this menu also to spparows, rocklet, raven,including seeds.Also if you give them bread,neved give fresh one.Feed them 3 times a day-not in the night,unless is a night-bird.Don´t bring too many people and activity around .The ''stress'' factor is also a deadly one for little wild birds.
exist also a birds book by Doris Quinten (I don´t know the title)where she give some info about how the wild baby birds
can be treated.

I hope this informations can help...

appologies for my awfully english :(

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


or another (but the same one:)))

Friday, June 6, 2008

Forgotten for IF

and he was so prepared for....
Bratescu-Voinesti va spune ceva?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lady Night

Noaptea trage perdeaua de intuneric asupra lumii
The Night pull above the world the darkness courtain

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Love me tender...

Night serenade under the balcony...
Sub balcon eu ti-am cantat o serenada...

Monday, June 2, 2008


leaving the nest...
Microsoft Paint-my scanner replacement,
for the moment
Fara scanner e cam greu...

Sunday, June 1, 2008