Saturday, May 24, 2008

Morning shadows

This morning brought so much light and this beautiful shadows...
Sometime simple things like this can ''light'' the whole day:))
Unfortunatelly I couldn´t get with my mobile the real,whole beauty.
But as much as I captured I share with you:))
Have a good week-end!

In dimineata asta,muuuulta lumina si cateva umbre atat de frumoase!!
Nu am reusit sa surprind 100% frumustetea reala a momentului,
dar atat cat am surprins impartasesc,cu drag, cu voi:))
Sa aveti un sfarsit de saptamana frumos!!

I´ll try to post from time to time captures of this simple things beauty


konkrét said...

Mersi pentru comentari!
Si mie imi plac momentele cu lumina divina, chiar nu prea avem parte de astea, dormind in camere intunecate, trezand mult prea tarziu de a le surprinde. Momentele astea au un fel de misticizm. Dar sa stii ca si obiectele astea, surprinse de lumina de dimineata, sint tare frumoase. Cine are flori in casa?? :) Nu multi.
Spor la treaba, Raluca!

Raluca C said...

Ca sa fiu sincera,florile astea nu-s tocmai reale,sunt de panza si au fost ''uitate in baie''de asta iarna:)),pe cele adevarate le-am scos pe terasa.Multumesc mult pt.impresii:)

-J.Meyer said...

Lovely shadows! The patern from the carnations is truely facinating! Thanks for sharing. =)