Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hello everybody!!I´m back for a short time cause I´ll be out again next week.Just pass to say ''Hi!!''and thanks for your nice messages!
I had a great surprise this month to see my ''Sleep'' elected as a second winner for June,on ''Søstrene Grenes''(Danes knows what I´m saying:))!)art competition,
as you can(almost not)see in the image above:)).For those of you who want to have a clear picture,this is the site:
(press ''vindere'')
To have my work elected by them,was more than touching for me,being a big fan of their institution,of the modern-nostalgic and all in all special atmosphere they created on their shops!
I don´t have big hopes,but with a little luck,maybe I´ll have the chance,at the end of this year,to see this watercolor printed on their shelfs:well,honestly...will be actually to beautiful to be true:))
but one can only hope:))
Have all the best wishes and great-great vacantion!!


Bella Sinclair said...

Raluca, welcome back! For a short while, anyway. :) Your work is always so beautiful and tender. And I LOVE this winning piece. The colors are magnificent on the wonderfully billowy quilt. Have a great time on your adventure next week. I look forward to seeing more of your pieces after you come back!

carmen nistor said...

I visited again your site. I like what you're doing! It's simply great! :) But you know it...