Friday, June 11, 2010

Inferno - ripplesketches

SOLD to Linda Harbord -New Zealand
Thanks for your generous help in sustaining the
efforts of Ripple´s action,dear Linda! Monday, the
little one is flying to you:sorry it took a whole week!
Just please,let me know(with a short note here or on
Kelly´s blog) that the parcel arrived 'safe and sound'
in your hands!
Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill desaster
IF Ripple - joined the project

''It´s hard to make ripples in oil soaked water.
But throw enough stones and you will
It´s not about the politics or the corporation.
It´s about the animals.It´s about feeling helpless
in the face of an overwhelming disaster(...)''
Kelly Light
(read more about on her blog:


k.h.whitaker said...

oh, he is so sweet and sad, nice work

Eric Barclay said...

Very well done- perfect.

Shirley said...

Wonderful. So sweet, and sad.

Raluca said...

I really think IF had a very good idea this week to join Kelly´s project:a little extra-drop
but you know,drop by drop we got a lake-a sea-a ocean

Jack Foster said...

Hey Raluca! So sweet and to the point! Love that heart and your tto for helping out. God bless you.

Bella Sinclair said...

Awwwwwww. I know you have an extra soft spot for animals. So wonderful of you to join the effort.

Raluca said...

thank you,guys...such a tragedy,for the present time as well as for the close & distant future...

Roberto said...

Very good ellección of words and the simple good illustration.

Raluca said...

muchas gracias,senor

Anonymous said...

I love the emotion here... nicely done!

Raluca said...

thanks alecia,i also love what you´ve done,especially the first one you posted on your blog(I remember seeing them also on Julie´s blog)

Linda said...

The package arrived today Raluca, and your art work is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much - you are very talented. I really feel I need to make a further donation.

Thank you for your contribution to this cause.

Raluca said...

Dear Linda I´m so sooo happy and surprised,for it arrived actually pretty fast,if you think about was taking the Globe on diagonal!
Thanks for letting me know you got it(I was quite nervous waiting for the news,you never know what can happen on the way)!
Thanks also for your beautiful words about my work!!I´m trully glad you liked all of them!By the way:even if the little bird is digital,your copy is the one and only printed,and I intend to let it like this!)But the biggest THANKS of all is for your help in this action!