Sunday, May 23, 2010

early for IF

well,someone is actually getting up earlier than me...''getting up''
is a way of saying´cause in this period of nights-without night is
difficult to sleep,to begin with(and I´m not living that far in the
north to get real ''white nights'';here they are rather...grey:))) .
Even if we have this special curtains,so is dark inside the house,
my internal clock refuse to get fooled by a minor detail like this,
and continue to adjust itself after what´s happening behind the
curtains,outside.So,I´m going around like a zombie,worse than
Al Pacino in Insomnia, avoiding to watch the watch-my body
knows anyway that is almost morning...that´s why I don´t see
why I´m sooo damn surprised when I start to hear the
blackbirds & their sisters singing:
What so late? so early

... at least if I could find a productive way of using my
insomnia,reading books,finishing the drawings and
other dead-lines,doing SOMETHING.But I´m sooo
tired and my brain refuse to cooperate:))) maybe
it´s time to start getting pills


Pásztohy Lili said...

very very nice

deeol said...

Lovely piece. And I totally relate to the insomnia.

Bella Sinclair said...

Wonderful! Oh boy, I can feel the jittery exhaustion in your strokes. :D He is adorable, though. I wonder about the animals outside and if they have insomnia in the summers, too....

Jessie said...

Nooooo! No pills! Try camomile tea before going to bed, works for me except I do get the most bizarre dreams! This is a lovely illustration, seems like the sleeplessness inspires! :) xx

Eric Barclay said...

Wonderful work!

Kylie said...

Lovely Illo as usual, sorry your not getting much needed sleep. Do you know that the body produces happy hormones based on darkness thats why we need darkness to sleep and feel good!

Raluca said...

Late(buy many)thanks:))!
thanks for the appreciation and for advices:I tried and tested all kinds of plants,for sure in a previous life i was sort of botanist,I still have a big collection of medical plants self collected or bought...and when this sunny period come...those things are working indeed...but with 5-6hours delay:I mean,I fall asleep(well and deep) when I should actually get up(even more frustraiting!!)he,he
maybe I should just take a 3months (dark) vacation in a place where the night is night,not a ''wanna be-night'':))Well:sweet dreams to all of you and sleep well!!

Laura said...

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