Wednesday, December 31, 2008

W from White and Winter

Happy New Year!!!!

''White,like a scandinavian gift!!''-I love the local silver and white
decoration style!All white lamps and candels,silver Herstal´s series
and''Karen Blixen´s Jul'' from Rosendahl,''troldpilen''-with its branches
defying any botanical rule or symmetry,all so popular here,just to
give some examples.Aparently I can´t get enough''white''-feel.That´s
why,everything I touched(with decorative intentions) ended up
looking like forgoted in Chlorine!Green and red were deported
this winter!Maybe I start to suffer a rare form of ''chromato-phobi''
or a ''color-allergy'':))))?Or is,maybe, just the lack of snow:)))
Wish you all the best for 2009,
may it be a year full of succeses!!


Bella Sinclair said...

You have the most GORGEOUS house! I have to agree with you on the appeal of pure white. All your decor is just charming.

Raluca C said...

Oh,many thanks Bella:))

Vanessa said...

Beautiful decor! Very elegent yet cozy!