Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dear everybody

IF-'paisley',couldn´t fit better! If you will scroll down a bit, you´ll
see that all my swallows got one on their back:)! So,as you can see,
soon will come a new children´s book in town: ''Stories for smart
kids'' (however,it is just for romanian kids,he,he) with lyrics by
Karina Muresanu Vlad,who kindly invited the ''Artist''
here named to illustrate it:))

Lume,lume! Cum ziceam si mai sus,la un moment dat (intr-una
din zilele acestei veri , speram noi) povestile cu rima si morala
ale Karinei, ilustrate de subsemnata, vor vedea lumina
tiparului. ''Lumina tiparului'' la propriu,pentru ca intamplator
sau nu (Karina stie ce si cum),editura se numeste atat de frumos :

Friday, June 11, 2010

Inferno - ripplesketches

SOLD to Linda Harbord -New Zealand
Thanks for your generous help in sustaining the
efforts of Ripple´s action,dear Linda! Monday, the
little one is flying to you:sorry it took a whole week!
Just please,let me know(with a short note here or on
Kelly´s blog) that the parcel arrived 'safe and sound'
in your hands!
Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill desaster
IF Ripple - joined the project

''It´s hard to make ripples in oil soaked water.
But throw enough stones and you will
It´s not about the politics or the corporation.
It´s about the animals.It´s about feeling helpless
in the face of an overwhelming disaster(...)''
Kelly Light
(read more about on her blog:

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Garden cat -if

Summer´s t(r)ail with garden cat & leaves of grass
Så har vi havens katte :)) Daca tot veni vorba de pisici,vara si iarba,
si daca tot astept ''Centrifuga'' lui T.O.Bobe,
pun si eu o bucatica de rima pt. P.d.s.
(chiar daca-i duminica)
''(...) Si m-as face templu
Nu ma lasa iarba
M-as preface-n mine,
Cu genunchii goi
Si legandu-mi fruntea
ca la baba-oarba
M-as lua de mana
Si-as fugi-napoi (...)''
Prin anii ´90 aparusera intr-o brosurica,poeziile
unei adolescente: Iulia Dora Marinescu .Din ea am
recitat,din memorie( cat de exact am facut-o,nu stiu).
Ce s-a intamplat cu ea ? Cu Iulia?
A mai scris? Mai scrie?
(nica´ pe google,nici macar o alta ,cu acelasi nume )