Friday, June 12, 2009

Den lille Katiushka

Drifting back to a time of innocence
trying acrylics
I modified a bit the image in PS ,because the board was too big
to get inside a ''home scanner'';down here is the original painting

30x40cm acrylic on board

The memories unfold

''(...) If we are- or we not-or we have been good kids
Older getting today,badly parents we miss (...) ''

Friday, June 5, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009

my good old shoes

mine favorit sko..var de. Men nu,er det slut!

this used to be one(two?) of my favorite shoes...
the unique ''custom-made''shoes I ever had.Well,honestly,if it
would have been 100% on my taste, would have actually been
boots with long heels:but I chose at least the material,size and
(more or less) the model.And they faithfully served me on my long
trips!But now,that´s it! Our long term love is over,as they refuse to
cooperate with my feet.I thought I will offer them to someone else...but
(daaamn!), I´m a nostalgic person,I just can´t ''let them go'':))and as they
are so nice,quiet and useless,probably.... I´ll frame them. What else?