Friday, February 25, 2011


Sort of...swarm. And with this comes my first vector try

a propos:
I never been a huge fan of vector-illustration, untill I
saw Mads Berg´s outstanding vintage-vector work;
His one of a kind posters especially left me bouche-bee!
Danish illos at their very best!
Jeg har aldrig været særlig vild med vector-illos ,indtil jeg
har set Mads Bergs fantastiske vintage-vector illustration.
Sikken magisk hånd han har!


penelopeneal said...

Your illustrations are lovely and your vector work really fun!

Juliana Fonseca said...

very interessant!! i like your job! kiss.

Raluca said...

thanks & grazie:)

Bella Sinclair said...

Ah, these are cute and so much fun! Each creature has its own little personality. :D Hahaha, I love the monkey!

Raluca said...

:))))thanks Bella,the monkey is a old ''charmeur'':))